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Our team of
Energy Experts

Passionate about helping our clients understand the energy markets, risk, and prudent approaches and fueled by success, our team is insightful, curious, empathetic and driven to help our clients. We approach the energy market with the same integrity and compassion that you apply and expect in your organization. Allow us to share how we can work together.

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You deserve a choice in
Energy Management

We believe in choice in the energy market because you deserve to represent your values through your business decisions. We're proud to enable our unique clients to express their ethos to their community.

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You deserve
Energy Supply Insight

CE enables our clients to make informed decisions about how to manage their energy supply, tailoring its products around your risk management appetite.

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You deserve
Energy Demand Management

Sustainable solutions must include usage reductions, not just greener purchases. Our CE360 approach balances all your strategic options.

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You deserve
Delivery Cost Mitigation

You wouldn’t knowingly pay more for your package deliveries than your competitor, so let us show you the options for your utility's energy delivery charges. We evaluate regulations, review available refunds and rebates, and optimize your energy rate categories.

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It all starts with our clients

When we ask ourselves "what do our ideal clients look like?" - we can spend hours interviewing and doing market research. But after all of that, what we find is this: Our ideal clients look like us.

That's what we mean when we say we want to see our values reflected back at us in our clients. Because of this approach, Commercial Energy boasts a 94% annual retention rate of clients.

It all starts with a 30-minute conversation where we learn about your business and you can ask about ours. In today's Covid world, we're more than happy to have that meeting digitally or face-to-face according to your personal preference.

We succeed when our clients succeed.

Read their stories here.


Industries We Serve

We take the time to understand your unique energy needs. We know supply chains and cost drivers vary not only by industry, but also by individual businesses. From benchmarking energy costs to analyzing purchasing strategy, we’ll ensure your energy strategy gives you a strategic advantage in the market.


The Four Phases of the CE360 Approach

It starts with a 30-minute conversation.

Proposal Recommendations
You decide what actions to take with us.
Delivery of Energy & Equipment
We work with you to ensure project deliverables met.
Our team monitors & reviews costs.

Our Energy Services Team utilizes decades of experience in the energy industry to  strategize, analyze, audit, price, propose, deliver, and service any or all of your total energy management needs.

The CE approach provides vendor neutrality, product neutrality, and fair pricing for a quality managed solution that fits your unique needs.

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