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The West Coast’s Bleak Energy Winter

California experienced the highest natural gas prices on record as a confluence of factors like cold weather, pipeline maintenance, and low storage levels led to prices going parabolic this winter.


CPUC Launches Investigation into High Winter Natural Gas Prices

The CPUC is examining the causes of the recent high natural gas prices and what can be done, if anything, to minimize moving forward.


Direct Access Lottery Coming Week of June 12th

The Direct Access (DA) Lottery is back again week of June 12th which provides commercial customers the opportunity to purchase wholesale electricity.

The CE Philosophy

We are passionate about bringing energy market expertise and responsible energy use to our clients. We are insightful, curious, and proactive in our relationships and our actions back up those values. We approach the energy market with integrity and compassion - setting us noticeably apart from energy providers focused on selling a commodity at profit and volume.

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