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Energy Delivery Management

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Finding the Savings

Utility Delivery Cost Analysis

Many businesses do not realize that much more than HALF of their entire utility bill is just for the delivery of the energy, not the energy itself. Imagine paying FedEx or UPS (or Amazon) that amount for every delivery on top of what the package costs? You wouldn’t, would you? And if they increased those delivery costs 5-10% every year in the name of reliability you would seek another delivery option.

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Because our client is your business, our team is solely focused on mitigating those delivery charges, whether for electricity or natural gas. We find the most cost-effective means of energy delivery while insuring reliability.

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Utility Delivery Options

Our Client Services team applies CE’s Proprietary Rate Engine Optimizer to all clients’ utility bills. This tool continually audits your energy usage, evaluates rate options, applies changing regulations, as well as hunts for available refunds and rebates, all to determine the lowest cost for delivery of your energy, at NO COST to you.

Enhanced Reliability while cutting Delivery Charges up to 50%

Together we can take our analysis one step farther. If you are willing and able to place either backup generation or fuel at your location, you can own, instead of rent, a large portion of those utility costs. You gain immediate savings for the rest of your business life, with enhanced reliability and security, regardless of utility operations.

Energy Ownership

Not only will our energy advisors develop the system, Commercial Energy will also finance it. Once again showing you that we put our money behind our recommendations.


Energy Regulation Advocacy

Our business began over 20 years ago fighting for our clients’ interests against the monopoly utility. We have not put down that torch.

Our Regulatory Battles:

  • Access to energy supply choice
  • Ability to audit utility delivery charges
  • Proper allocation of delivery charges between rate categories
  • Energy market choice

Commercial Energy takes on the regulatory battle on your behalf every year and we do it at no cost to you. And the more clients we serve, the more credible we become with the regulators and politicians.

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