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Reach Your Sustainability Goals

If all Commercial Energy did was sell you energy, we would only be providing half the service you need. Assessing and controlling what energy you use, why you use it and when you use it is the rest of the story. While you can buy more “green” energy, fundamentally you can also use less energy and accomplish the same sustainability goal. Our CE360 program applies that principle through a variety of tools.

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Energy Usage Data Tools

CE360 InSite - Gather the Data

Our proprietary software accumulates your energy usage information in real-time. With that, our team can benchmark your usage against comparable businesses, identify costly operating patterns, and unearth efficiency measures. And we do this without physically visiting your location(s). It gives both of us an efficient tool to facilitate a deeper dive.

On-site Energy Audit

Our Energy Services team takes this another step further, with an On-site audit of your equipment and software, operating practices, and retro-commissioning needs. Under this Agreement, the team determines if and where you might be wasting energy. They assess whether everything from lighting to HVAC units to boilers are all working for you and not against your energy costs. And you get a third party, ASHRAE level, stamp of approval when it is completed.

On-site Energy Audit


When we find areas that need improvement, we will make technology and vendor agnostic recommendations. After we identify energy saving projects, we'll vet suppliers and validate performance with your best interests in mind.

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Incentive Programs & Financing

You are busy running a business. It’s no wonder you haven’t had time to sink the thousands of hours into finding state and federal energy incentive programs. That’s okay. We have.

We will find and apply for programs designed to pay you for committing to energy efficiency. We also offer flexible financing models to help you meet the program requirements.

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