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About Commercial Energy

We are passionate about bringing energy market expertise and responsible energy use to our clients. We are insightful, curious, and proactive in our relationships and our actions back up those values.

Who we are starts with who you are.

Every day we start with the end in mind, "what do our ideal clients look like?" We believe that trying to be all things to all businesses means you will not be very good most of the time. We prefer to be great serving the energy needs of a select group of clients, clients that approach their energy decisions the same way we do. Some of those attributes we discuss below. This obsessive approach with understanding your business, your values, and your energy consumption patterns, before we put a contract in front of you, is why our 94% annual retention rate is an historic record of the loyalty we earn every day and every year.


We provide your business an honest assessment of your energy ecosystem and the greater energy market. That assessment compares your current status quo to a variety of scenarios that may be a better fit. But what really distinguishes Commercial Energy is that we come back annually and show you how your chosen solution performed. Not only against your budget, but also against your expectations. Your interest is our guiding light.


Whether the decision is a) how and when to decarbonize your energy footprint or b) how to manage energy costs, or c) how to do both and maintain energy reliability, many businesses inadvertently quarantine energy budget decisions away from the rest of the operational and gross management decisions. We help you strategically approach your energy budget by taking into consideration both the tactical and strategic aspects of your energy future.


Our analytic approach provides tangible clarity in your decisions. A quarter century in the energy industry has proven to us that energy usage data is the fuel needed to drive the best outcomes for both of us. So we show you where you stand with your current vendors, equipment and suppliers. Then we outline and quantify various options consistent with the strategy you want to pursue.


No two organizations face the same energy challenges. From our data gathering to our conversations about who, what, when, and how much, we want to learn about your issues. We approach every client's unique situation with the most robust set of energy solutions available in the market and work with them to come to an actionable plan.

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The CE Philosophy

We approach the energy market with integrity and compassion.  We earn an adequate profit so we can use our time, effort, and money to help our clients, industry, and communities prosper.

Are you our kind of client?