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Energy Management Industry Experience

A Resilient Energy Company BECAUSE of our Diversified Clients 



We take the time to understand your supply chain and cost drivers. From benchmarking energy costs to analyzing purchasing strategy, we’ll ensure your energy strategy gives you a strategic advantage in the market.



You can improve the level of care and outcomes while lowering operating costs and avoiding power surge premiums.


Commercial Building

Commercial properties contain a lot of energy variables: number of buildings, occupancy rate, on-site generation, pass-throughs, and more - all need to be accounted for in your sustainability equation.


Educational Campuses

In education incoming funds are front-loaded, leaving you vulnerable to energy price shock if the market shifts after purchasing your energy supply.



Your energy needs fluctuate depending on seasonality, occupancy rate, amenities, facilities, and many more factors.


Food & Beverage

You budget around supply chain seasonality. We analyze every aspect of your energy usage to avoid energy price shock.


Membership Clubs

Membership Clubs face unique energy needs and challenges that take a unique approach.

Be it amenity seasonality, outdated equipment, or any number of factors, we can help you avoid energy price shock and plan for the future.


Corporate Campuses

Corporate campuses vary widely. Some are essentially cities. Some resemble theme parks. And some are business professional.

Regardless of the amenities, we ensure these campuses meet sustainability goals and avoid price shocks.


Multi-Family Housing & HOA

Let us take stock of the energy variables that matter to you (occupancy, total square footage, utility pass-throughs, number of meters, amenities).

We’ll deliver a strategy that optimizes energy use and market outcomes.

The CE Client Philosophy

You are passionate about your business goals and value your people. You are insightful, curious, and proactive in your relationships and your actions back up those values. You approach your market with integrity and compassion. You are flexible enough to trust what you see in the data and strategic enough to implement in an unbiased way. You are us.

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