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Brewery Client Finds Savings in All Parts of Energy Equation

Commercial Energy brewery client finds continued savings in the supply, demand, and delivery of energy.

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Energy Supply Management

Energy Cost Audit

After a thorough review of the client’s energy supply costs and procurement methods, we executed strategies to meet annual energy budget goals.

  • Hedging natural gas supply costs to protect profitability
  • Strategic planning reduced natural gas procurement by 9.4% over two years
  • Evaluated Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) for electricity.
  • Direct Access Lottery entry

Energy Delivery Management

Utility Audit

Our team evaluated the client’s natural gas and electric meters to identify usage type of each meter and how much energy it uses throughout the day.

  • Evaluated load profiles within our rate engines to determine the most optimal rate category available via the utility
  • Converted natural gas meter and one electric meter to optimal rate categories providing $33,872 in first-year savings
  • Provided a validation of performance report at the 12 month mark

Energy Demand Management

Full Energy Visibility

Our Energy Efficiency Team provided visibility into the client’s operating
environment, uncovering methods to improve system reliability and process efficiency, including:

  • LED lighting retrofits reduced annual electricity costs by $101,316
  • Recovered lighting retrofit initial investment (simple payback) in under 15 months
  • Feasibility studies for on-site generation technologies including battery storage, solar, and cogeneration
  • Implementation of CE360 InSite monitoring platform to identify costly operating patterns and energy “leaks”

Facility Details


January 2015

Capital Cost

Total Cost:  $137,152

Incentives: -$14,178

Client Cost:  $122,974

Annual Net Change

- 539,200 kWh

Simple Payback Period

14.5 months



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