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Huge Energy Savings for Healthcare Client

By addressing all three pieces of the energy equation (supply, demand, delivery) CE was able to solve power surge demand spikes and deliver price certainty and savings.

Hospital Energy Management Leader

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Healthcare Energy Problems

The healthcare client was experiencing power surges lasting 15–30 minutes that were disabling the hospital’s cogeneration system, causing 700kW+ electrical demand spikes, resulting in a monthly max demand charge from the Utility of over $11,900.

Energy Supply Improvements

  • Strategic planning which resulted in reduction of natural gas procurement by 24% over four years
  • Hedging of natural gas supply costs to generate predictable annual electricity savings (aka Spark Spread) via their cogeneration plants totaling $437,562 in 2017
  • Annual entry in Direct Access lottery and evaluation of Community Choice Aggregation for electricity procurement

Project Details

Period Measured

Calendar 2017

Future Cost

Via CE360 InSite’s ongoing monitoring, future demand spikes are easily identified through weekly email updates.










Healthcare Energy Data

Annual Savings


Energy Delivery Improvements

  • Migrated natural gas and electricity meters to optimal rate categories, providing $51,372 in first-year savings
  • Identified a utility error with their natural gas delivery rates, resulting in first year savings in excess of $349,000
  • Advised and assisted in moving to Non-Core natural gas delivery rate status, resulting in 1st year savings of $84,475

Annual Savings


Energy Demand Improvements

  • By implementing and monitoring CE360 InSite, we identified a utility capacity exchange error, which resulted in avoided utility electricity demand charges, saving on average $9,084 per month
  • Evaluated a Microgrid project and in turn developed feasibility studies for onsite generation, which resulted in a PPA agreement for a 370kW garage roof-top solar project, with first year reduction of 583,137 kWhs, which will deliver utility bill savings over the term of $437,423

Annual Savings


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