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ASHRAE Audit Leads to Energy Strategy Roadmap for Hospitality Client

After an ASHRAE level 1 Facilities Audit of this hospitality client, CE delivered a customized energy efficiency plan that gets them to their sustainability and budget goals.

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Energy Supply Upgrades

ASHRAE Level 1 Facilities Audit

Completed Facility wide ASHRAE level I audit to identify behavioral changes and energy efficiency measures designed to lower operating costs. This included an exhaustive review of daily load profiles and operating patterns.

Energy Use Patterns:

Hospitality Energy Use

Electricity Supply

Switched from an electricity supply competitor to CE due to competitor-imposed volume-committed pricing and unspecified ancillary pass-through charges. Electricity procurement via Direct Access – reduced electricity procurement annually by $102,400 vs. bundled utility pricing and provided full budget certainty.

Utility Audit

Converted the client's natural gas delivery rate for micro-turbines (onsite electricity generation) to more favorable natural gas generation rates which saved the client $40,595 in the first year.

Cogeneration Standby Credit – CE saved client $9,690 on utility reservation charges over 12 months due to review of historical electricity production.

Facility Details


Hotel & Spa


385,000 sqft.
379 rooms
60,000 sqft. meeting space


3 onsite restaurants
6,000 sqft. day spa
Fitness facility
Stream room
Outdoor heated pool
Laundry service


Air handling unit
Hot & chilled water system
Cogen (2 65-kWh turbines)
5 kitchen hoods
Natural gas pizza oven
2 roof exhaust fans
2 electric meters
3 natural gas meters

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