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Manufacturing Client Avoids Energy Demand Peaks

Expensive peak demand charges are combated with real-time metering for instant visibility, proactive demand alerts, and big data energy analytics for rate optimizations.

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The CE360 Approach

Full Energy Visibility

This powerful energy analytics tool for electric, gas, and water meter data equips operations teams with demand & anomalous use alerts, comprehensive reporting, and budget forecasts. CE360 InSite requires no hardware to be installed onsite, nor any software to be loaded on your building or process management system, though sub-metering architectures and monitoring are optional.

Proactive Energy Management

For time-of-use energy customers at the borderline between two rate classes, knowing your operations’ electricity demand only at the end of bill cycles hamstrings efforts to combat expensive peak demand charges. In order to qualify for a lower utility rate, this operations team needs to keep monthly peak demand readings below 500 kW for twelve months.

Data-driven Energy ROI

Using CE360 InSite—paired with an industrial IoT submeter—this operations team has instant access to electricity demand on an electricity meter at the borderline of a new rate class. After 12 months of proactive demand management, keeping demand below 500 kW, this team will save even more money on another rate optimization. As it stands, the team processed a rate change request identified by CE360 InSite’s big data analytics and saved $23,852.

CE360 Real-time Energy Use Dashboard

CE360 Dashboard



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